Australian National Renewable Network (NRN) to rely on Lightsource Labs’ smart home energy management technology

Australian National Renewable Network (NRN) to rely on Lightsource Labs’ smart home energy management technology

  • National Renewable Network (NRN) will use Tribe, Lightsource Labs’ smart home energy management technology, to control solar, battery and other key appliances to maximise solar self-consumption
  • Tribe allows energy retailers to increase revenues, as they can provide cheaper, cleaner energy to their home and business customers
  • The initial roll-out will see Tribe installed alongside solar and battery systems in over 120 homes across New South Wales.

(PRESS RELEASE) LONDON, 17-Aug-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Lightsource bp, a global leader in the development and management of solar energy projects, has announced that its in-house energy technology business Lightsource Labs has entered into partnership with the National Renewable Network (NRN) of Australia. NRN is working with Energy Retailers to develop a network of solar and battery installed in residential properties. By partnering with NRN, Energy Retailers are able to upgrade their residential customers to renewable energy at no upfront cost, providing customers from any background with access to clean, low-cost electricity. Tribe will be installed alongside the solar and battery assets to provide monitoring, control and optimisation to ensure self-consumption is maximised.

Tribe is designed to be the hub of the smart home and consists of a hardware hub and smartphone app through which users can monitor, control and schedule devices to reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent[1]. Through its market-leading compatibility with a wide range of connected devices – including solar inverters, batteries and electric vehicle chargers – Tribe enables customers to coordinate all assets from a single smartphone app.

Phil Krok, APAC Business Manager for Lightsource Labs, comments:

“The initial roll-out of systems will showcase how Tribe’s energy management technology can play a major role in the Australian energy market as it moves toward a more sustainable future. Working with forward-thinking partners like NRN, we hope to improve the economics of renewable energy technologies and so accelerate their adoption.”

Alan Hunter, NRN CEO, comments:

“Renewable energy should no longer be an asset for the wealthy, but furthermore accessible to everyone. Partnering with Tribe has enabled us to support energy retailers lead the way in the renewable energy transition, by empowering their consumers to upgrade to solar and battery without the cost or liabilities. The Tribe energy management device doesn’t only enable the retailer to financially be rewarded via renewable energy, but mitigates their risk and exposure to the current volatile energy market. This solution is a win for all parties.”


 [1] This is in addition to the savings generated by the solar and battery system. Saving estimates modelled using 12 months’ data from existing Tribe customers in the UK and based on a property with >4,000kWh annual demand, 4kWp PV and 6kWh battery, and dynamic time-of-use tariff

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