AnsaldoBreda SpA sues NSFSC and its parent company NS Dutch Railways for €132M for 7 Fyra trains

Pistoia, 01-10-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — AnsaldoBreda SpA has sued before the competent court in Utrecht its Dutch client, the finance company NSFSC, as well as its parent company, the NS Dutch Railways, for the fulfillment of the obligations of these customers under the contract for the supply of no. 16 Fyra trains.

This lawsuit ‐ by means of which AnsaldoBreda SpA also asks for the payment of 132 Mln Euros for 7 trains that are left to complete the supply, as well as the compensation for damages related to the breach of the “Fyra” contract by the Dutch client  ‐ goes along with the one related to the termination of the contract for the supply of no. 3 trains by the Belgian railways NMBS in which AB willfile a counterclaim.

The above proceeding clearly includes also the rebuttal of al lthe allegations of the Dutch client on which they have based the termination of the contract and are also aimed at confirming the good technical work made by the Italian company and the reliability of the Fyra trains.

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