Alstom delivers the first 3 trains to to the first metro line in Panama City

22-5-2013 — / — As part of the improvement programme to the transport sector in Latin America, Alstom has achieved an important milestone in the region. The company has delivered the first 3 trains to the first metro line in Panama City. Alstom is responsible for the supply of 19 metro trains each with 3 cars, the traction substations and the train control system (Urbalis CBTC), which will bring a new way of life to Panama City, the most modern in the country, with 1.7 million inhabitants. The Panama Canal has brought with it economic growth and has converted the city into the headquarters of a large financial community. Transport problems in Panama City will now be alleviated by the construction of the first line of the metro, expected to be completed by the end of 2013. The line will have 13 stations, will be a total of 13.7 km long, of which 7.2 km will be underground and 6.5 km on viaducts.

This project confirms Alstom´s export capabilities

In December 2010, SMP (Secretary of Metro de Panama) awarded a contract to the consortium named “Consorcio Linea 1” to build the first line of the Panama Metro. This consortium consists of a 2 civil works company, the Brazilian Odebrecht (55%) and the Spanish FCC (45%). As a subcontractor of this consortium, Alstom is the leader of the electromechanical suppliers and is in charge of the engineering, integration and commissioning of the electromechanical works on a turnkey basis. Alstom will supply 57 metro cars, traction substations and the CBTC train control system.

Metropolis, cutting edge technology with interiors providing comfort, safety and information displays

The train control system chosen for this project is Alstom´s state of the art Urbalis CBTC solution. This modern radio based system is now implemented worldwide for high capacity and driverless metros in Singapore, Beijing, Lausanne and Shanghai. In the Americas, the leading metros of Sao Paulo, Santiago, Mexico City and Toronto have also chosen the Urbalis solution.

Alstom´s new train model Metropolis offers wide doors, a low floor and extra wide seats and passageways between the coaches. Additionally, dynamic information displays and an interior design favoring natural light looks to improve passengers’ safety and comfort. The Metropolis trainsets are being designed and manufactured at Santa Perpetua’s plant, in Spain.

One in four metros presently in operation in the world is an Alstom metro. More than 4,000 Metropolis cars have been sold across the world in cities such as Barcelona, Warsaw, Budapest, Istanbul, Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Santo Domingo.


Alstom has delivered the first 3 trains to the first metro line in Panama City

Alstom has delivered the first 3 trains to the first metro line in Panama City


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