ALECTIA / NIRAS merger to create new major player in the consulting engineering industry

ALECTIA / NIRAS merger to create new major player in the consulting engineering industry

The merger will create a new major player in the consulting engineering industry. With over 2,000 employees globally, the merged company is ready for continued growth – especially abroad.

Virum, Denmark, 22-Dec-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — With the merger of ALECTIA and NIRAS, a new major player will be established in the consulting engineering industry – a player who is ready to grow internationally based on our solid presence in Denmark. To date, both companies have had aggressive growth strategies, and we will stand by these.

”We will be increasing our volume and our ability to offer our customers even more under one roof. Across all sectors in which we operate, we will be among the market leaders. We will have very strong professional environments that will make the new company an attractive workplace for the best specialist staff,” says Carsten Toft Boesen, CEO of NIRAS

The more robust professional environments are a strong launching pad for winning larger and more complex projects, providing employees with a broader range of career opportunities, NIRAS’ CEO points out. At the same time, there are obvious synergies which will make the merged company more competitive.

Continued growth ambitions
It is the first time that two of the industry’s largest companies will be merging. The merger will be completed by merging the foundations that constitute our major shareholders and, subsequently, merging the operational companies. Instead of spending money on acquisitions, the merged company will, therefore, be starting with the joint financial strength of the two companies. Thus, we will continue our growth strategy, especially internationally.

”We will have even greater financial power to fulfil our growth strategy. We have to evolve from being a predominantly Danish company to becoming a Scandinavian company with an international orientation, which can create sustainable solutions to the major global challenges in our society,” says Carsten Toft Boesen.

Stronger competitiveness
It was ALECTIA’s CEO, Jesper Mailind, who initiated the dialogue that is now leading to this merger. He sees the two companies as a good match and the merger as the perfect basis for future development.

”In an industry that is consolidating both nationally and internationally, the aim of the merger was to create a solid platform for future growth. The merger will strengthen our competitiveness and will give us the best starting point for being at the forefront of technological development,” says Jesper Mailind.

”We can now offer our customers an even broader field of expertise, and we will have a strong starting point for solving future tasks. At the same time, we are creating better development opportunities for our employees, thereby becoming a more attractive place to work,” he says.

NIRAS’ CEO, Carsten Toft Boesen, will be heading the merged company – The CEO of ALECTIA, Jesper Mailind, will be starting in a new position outside of the industry on 1 April 2017.

The merger will be completed with NIRAS as the continuing company, and the merged company will continue with NIRAS as its name an d brand.

As the merger also requires the merger of the two foundations, it has to be approved by the Department of Civil Affairs, The Danish Business Authority, and the Danish Competition Authority. This is expected to be completed within three to six months. Only then will the actual integration be initiated.


  • Consulting engineering company with a strong market position within construction, infrastructure, environment, water, public utilities, information technology, and development consulting.
  • The third largest Danish consulting engineering company with 1,400 employees.
  • Offices and subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Serbia, Germany and the UK. In addition, project offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
  • Customers include the EU as well as the Danish state, regions, municipalities and private companies, utilities, builders and donor organizations.
  • Established in 1956.
  • CEO Carsten Toft Boesen.
  • Owned by the NIRAS Foundation (67%) as well as the company’s management and employees (33%).
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  • Consulting engineering company with specialist competencies within construction, process technology, occupational health and safety, as well as energy and environment.
  • The fifth largest Danish consulting engineering company with 675 employees.
  • Danish offices in Virum, Odense, Kolding, and Aarhus as well as London (UK) and Melbourne (AUS) and activities worldwide.
  • Customers include the Danish state, regions, municipalities as well as private companies and builders.
  • Established in 1912.
  • CEO Jesper Mailind.
  • Owned by the ALECTIA Foundation.
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