ALECTIA launches new worldwide benchmarking scheme drawing on experience from 35 years of consultancy to the brewing industry

Virum, Denmark, 18-3-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — ALECTIA launches a new worldwide benchmarking scheme drawing on experience from 35 years of consultancy to the brewing industry. The “ALECTIA Brewing Benchmark Club” offers breweries a unique opportunity to improve their business while contributing to the sustainable development of the industry. Participation is absolutely free, and all data is treated anonymously.

How ABBC adds value
When you participate in the ALECTIA Brewing Benchmarking Club, you will gain knowledge on your performance compared to other breweries in the same category (size & region) through a top level benchmarking. The benchmark report can help you pinpoint areas for improvement in your operation.

ALECTIA‘s unique brewing insight secures that this reporting is statistically valid, and guarantees your complete anonymity.

By participating you will also contribute to the future sustainable development of the brewing community.

Seven benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been chosen by ALECTIA, see table 1.

Table 1: defined and chosen KPI’s by ALECTIA

Extract loss
Packaging utilisation
Inventory cover days
Electricity consumption
Water consumption
Heat consumption
Productivity / full time employee output

What do we deliver?
• When signing up and participating in the ALECTIA Brewing Benchmark Club, your brewery will receive a benchmark report covering the region/continent and size to which it is submitted. The benchmark report will exclusively show the results of the KPI’s submitted in the relevant category.

• Each brewery is given its own benchmark report for showing the brewery’s performance in the industry KPI range.

How do we do it?
• Each brewery will enter anonymously into one of the four plant size segments and their region/continent. This will allow a more specific and fair comparison of data regarding size, regional, cultural parameters etc.

Table 2: defined segments of plant size for ABBC

Plant size (mill hl/year)
0,0 – 0,1
0,1 – 1,0
1,0 – 3,0
> 3,0

Table 2: defined regions/continents for ABBC


• For a group of several breweries, it is highly recommended to submit brewery KPI’s from the various categories (region/size) within the group, to gain the highest insight and benefits. This will facilitate the broadest picture and assure a high level of valid data for comparison and evaluation -> the more you give, the more you get!

• It is not necessary to hand in data for all of the selected seven KPI’s to participate in the ABBC. Each brewery is free to hand in those of the selected and presented KPI’s they can deliver or have interest in.

• ALECTIA reserves the right to adjust the categories in order to secure statistically valid benchmark reports and publications. However the success of ABBC depends and relies on a high number of participants and data, so please support.

• For KPI comparison, a definition of each KPI will be presented in the data submission Excel sheet.

How to proceed
Sign-up using the formular on the right side of this page in order to receive the data submission Excel-sheet. This is to be returned to ALECTIA for the benchmark reporting.

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In the spirit of a future good collaboration,
The ALECTIA Brewing Benchmark Club Team

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