Aktia plc: Aktia updates financial objectives for 2015

Helsinki, Finland, 12-11-2012 — /europawire.eu/ — Aktia implements an action program and updates its financial objectives for 2015. The update is motivated by the new business climate characterised by extremely low interest rates and new regulations. The action plan encompasses separate steps to be taken until 2015.

The aim is to improve competitiveness and offer the best customer service in
Finland in selected customer segments.

Aktia will continue to strive for effective and customer-friendly service, and
to provide financial solutions for households, business owners, small companies
and institutions. The development of Internet services and the new Net bank,
launched in 2012, continues. Aktia’s branch network is being developed and
modernised step-by-step, and we continue to train our already skilled
personnel, focusing on proactive customer dialogue.

The work on improving the Group’s cost structure takes highest priority.
Simplifying the Aktia Group’s cost structure improves cost efficiency in
administration, processes and common Group functions. In 2013, a merger of
holding company Aktia plc with Aktia Bank plc is planned, as well as concurrent
introduction of the new parent company Aktia Bank plc onto the stock exchange.

Aktia also intends to continue to simplify its processes and modernise the
Group’s largest IT systems. This may have consequences for Aktia’s relationship
with IT supplier Samlink.

The plan of action also means that cooperation with the local banks will be
re-negotiated, to adapt to the new regulations and business climate.

Aktia’s financial objectives for 2015:

  • Increase cross-selling index by 20%
  • Increase commission income by 5% p.a. i.e. a total of EUR 10 million p.a.
  • Cut expenses by 5% p.a. i.e.a total of EUR 20 million p.a.
  • Tier 1 capital ratio at least 13 % over an economic cycle (upon approval of internal rating)
  • Dividend pay-out 40–60% of profit after taxes

Aktia’s strategic choices:

One Aktia (unchanged): We have chosen a centralised group management model in order to integrate subsidiaries under one brand, to create synergy effects and
to develop a common approach to addressing our customers’ needs. Local
decision-making continues to be our strength.

Geographical scope of activities (unchanged): We operate in Finland’s bilingual
coastal region and in selected cities.

Organic growth (unchanged): Our aim is to generate growth through cross-selling and in-creasing sales to existing customers and through new sales, particularly in the larger cities of Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku.

Competitive advantage through relationship-driven sales (unchanged): Aktia’s
competitive advantage lies in the dialogue between customers and staff, and in
the availability of its services. Our ambition is to be the market leader in
customer care in both of Finland’s national languages. We aim for
relationship-driven sales that are based on the customer’s needs.

Cooperation with other actors (NEW): Aktia strives for economies of scale and
savings measures within financing, supplementary products, service production
and IT systems, and evaluates cooperation partners in a Nordic or global
perspective. Veritas Pension Insurance and Folksam are Aktia’s most important
cooperation partners in insurance.


Jussi Laitinen, CEO, tel. +358 10 247 6250

Stefan Björkman, Deputy Managing Director, CFO, tel. +358 10 247 63219

Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd
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Aktia in brief:
Aktia Group provides a broad range of products within banking, insurance and
real estate agency. Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas and inland growth
areas. Aktia has about 400,000 customers who are served by ca 1,000 employees at 70 branch offices and via Internet and telephone services. Aktia’s shares are listed on the list of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. For more information about Aktia see www.aktia.fi



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