Airbus OneSat: A Transformative Satellite Solution for Thaicom

Airbus OneSat: A Transformative Satellite Solution for Thaicom

(IN BRIEF) Thaicom, a leading Asian satellite operator, has chosen Airbus to develop its cutting-edge software-defined high throughput satellite. Airbus will provide Thaicom with a fully reconfigurable OneSat satellite, capable of dynamically adjusting its coverage, capacity, and frequency. Positioned at 119.5° East, the satellite will enhance connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region in the Ku-band. Thaicom, known for operating eight geostationary satellites, ventures into flexible satellites for the first time, offering adaptability in coverage and capacity. Airbus will design, manufacture, and deliver the satellite by 2027. The collaboration allows Thaicom to share payload capacity with partner operators, reducing costs while maintaining individual control. Airbus OneSat technology benefits from the company’s extensive satellite expertise and support from ESA, CNES, and the UK Space Agency.

(PRESS RELEASE) TOULOUSE, 11-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Airbus (EPA: AIR), a European multinational aerospace corporation, announces that Thaicom Public Company Limited, a renowned Asian satellite operator and space technology leader, has partnered with Airbus for the development of its next-generation software-defined high throughput satellite.

Airbus, a global leader in aerospace and space technology, will provide Thaicom with one of its latest innovations – a fully reconfigurable OneSat satellite. This revolutionary Thaicom satellite is poised to enhance connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region by operating in the Ku-band, catering to the needs of millions of users. With a track record of successfully launching and operating eight geostationary satellites, this project marks Thaicom’s pioneering foray into the realm of flexible satellites. This adaptability in coverage, frequency, and capacity is paramount in the ever-evolving dynamics of the region.

Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Airbus Space Systems, said: “This significant contract with leading satellite operator Thaicom, is the ninth order for our pioneering OneSat product line which is fully reconfigurable in orbit and provides unrivalled flexibility. This collaboration with Thaicom is a first, and we look forward to further building our relationship in the future.”

Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, Thaicom’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “I am delighted that we have selected Airbus to build our new generation of software-defined high throughput satellite (HTS). As the world’s leading satellite technology provider, we trust that Airbus will be our best choice for building our new satellite at the strategic location of 119.5 degrees East. It will allow flexibility and instant reconfiguration to adapt dynamically to the service areas and will provide a significant confidence boost for Thaicom’s valued customers and partners throughout Asia Pacific. This is a significant milestone for Thaicom as we forge ahead to further grow our broadband satellite business in the region.”

Planned for orbital deployment at 119.5° East, this cutting-edge satellite will empower Thaicom to extend an offer to partner operators to share the satellite’s payload capacity. This collaborative approach not only reduces costs for partner operators but also ensures they retain individual control over their respective payload capacity and flexibility.

Airbus, as the chosen partner, will oversee the design and manufacture of the satellite, in addition to supplying essential ground control segment components. The anticipated delivery date for this advanced satellite is set for 2027.

Airbus OneSat represents a groundbreaking advancement in satellite technology, offering full reconfigurability in orbit. This capability allows real-time adjustments to coverage area, capacity, and frequency to meet evolving mission requirements. Drawing on the legacy of Airbus’ ultra-reliable Eurostar geostationary telecommunication satellites and the company’s expertise from the OneWeb constellation project, OneSat stands as a testament to innovation in satellite design. The development of the OneSat program enjoys the support of the European Space Agency (ESA), the French Space Agency (CNES), and the UK Space Agency.

This strategic collaboration between Thaicom and Airbus signifies a significant step forward in advancing satellite technology to meet the ever-growing demands of connectivity and flexibility in the Asia-Pacific region.

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