5G will be tested in one of Boliden’s mines to further improve safety and productivity

The fifth generation mobile network, 5G, is to be tested at one of Boliden’s mines. The test is a partnership between several major players and Boliden’s aim is to further improve safety and productivity in the mine environment.

STOCKHOLM, 8-6-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Boliden is currently unique in investing in the use of wireless networks in its mines. One example is the Kristineberg mine, where a fully expanded wireless network with positioning has been installed.

“The fact that 5G will be tested in one of Boliden’s mines places us at the cutting edge in terms of connectivity in mines. This is, quite simply, the world’s most modern network,” comments Peter Burman, Project Manager for Boliden’s Mine Automation Programme.

The pilot project, which is called Pilot for Industrial Mobile Communication in Mining, involves the cooperation of Ericsson, ABB, SISC Swedish ICT, Volvo CE and Boliden. It is partly financed by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency.

One of the major benefits of 5G is that the response time is shorter. This presents better opportunities for remote control. Successful implementation of 5G thus can and should lead to a safer working environment.

“We will have access to technology that gives us greater scope to remove staff from hazardous areas,” explains Mikael Walter, Systems Technology Manager at Boliden.

Another advantage is that the wireless equipment of other players can operate below ground, which is not currently always the case.

“Above all, we see a huge advantage when it comes to the equipment of the emergency services. For instance, radios that work above ground don’t work below ground, but that would change with the development of 5G,” explains Peter Burman.

However, which mine will be used and when the implementation will start has not yet been decided.

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