25 young people entered apprenticeship studies for some six different vocations at the Hilti Corporation

Schaan (FL), 11-8-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — The traditional week of introductory activities marked the kickoff of vocational studies for 25 young people at the Hilti Corporation. They have entered apprenticeship studies for some six different vocations.

Hilti has managed to fill all available apprentice positions at the outset of the training year. For Remo Kluser, Head of Vocational Training at Hilti, this is by no means something to take for granted. “It remains very difficult to find a sufficient number of students who are interested in a technical vocation. The fact that we once again have two young women among our new apprentices this year is even more satisfying.” Kluser doesn’t believe that any lack of interest is based on the attractiveness of the training program. “We provide a solid foundation for a professional career with numerous opportunities for continuation training. Demand for the type of specialists we train remains strong. I also find it interesting that more and more countries outside of the German-speaking regions intend to introduce a vocational training path to the classic path of scholastic study as a way to counter youth unemployment.”

The new apprentices can be divided among six of the nine vocational fields of study that are offered by Hilti in Liechtenstein (see table). Two young women are commencing an apprenticeship in a technical vocation; one as a polymechanic and one as a production mechanic. One polymechanic is completing an additional design engineering apprenticeship and one Matura graduate has decided to pursue a shortened, two-year vocational training program in design engineering as part of the “Way-up” program.

During the introductory week, which took place last week in Schaan, Liechtenstein and Wildhaus, Switzerland, the new apprentices became more familiar with each other and with the Hilti Group. The activities also consisted of projects focusing on communication, presentation and working techniques as well as on structured problem solving. The new apprentices also discussed mutual expectations and the targets of the training program together with the vocational trainers.

There are currently 90 apprentices learning and working for Hilti in Liechtenstein. They are studying one of nine different vocations.

Apprenticeship/training – New apprentices

  • Automation specialist – 1
  • Commercial specialist – 5
  • Design engineer – 5
  • Design engineer as additional apprenticship – 1
  • Design engineer in the “Way-up” program – 1
  • Logistician – 1
  • Polymechanic – 10
  • Production mechanic – 1

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The new Hilti apprentices from Liechtenstein and Switzerland during introductory activities in Wildhaus, Switzerland.

The new Hilti apprentices from Liechtenstein and Switzerland during introductory activities in Wildhaus, Switzerland.


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