Daily Archives: 7, December 2023

Kapsch TrafficCom Implements Innovative Traffic Light Priority for Madrid’s Bus Rapid Transit

(IN BRIEF) Kapsch TrafficCom’s Spanish subsidiary has successfully implemented a sophisticated traffic light priority system for Madrid’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, connecting key neighborhoods and reducing travel times. The system uses on-board beacons and traffic light controllers to … Read the full press release

Bosch Implements Generative AI for Rapid Scaling of AI Solutions in Manufacturing

(IN BRIEF) Bosch, a global technology leader, is piloting generative AI and foundation models in its manufacturing plants. These technologies create synthetic images to develop and scale AI solutions for optical inspection and optimize existing AI models. The aim is … Read the full press release

Revolutionizing Open RAN: RDSL Framework Simplifies Software-Hardware Integration

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone, in partnership with Cirrus360 and Intel, has introduced a pioneering solution in the field of Open Radio Access Networks (RAN). Their groundbreaking RAN Domain Specific Language (RDSL), detailed in a comprehensive white paper, offers a revolutionary approach … Read the full press release

BASF Commits to Scope 3.1 Emission Reductions, Targets Net Zero by 2050

(IN BRIEF) BASF, a major player in the chemical industry, has announced new sustainability commitments, including targets for Scope 3.1 emissions. The company aims to reduce its specific Scope 3.1 emissions by 15% by 2030 compared to 2022 levels. This … Read the full press release

BASF and Heidelberg University Commit to Advancing Sustainable Chemistry with Catalysis Research Lab (CaRLa) Extension

(IN BRIEF) BASF and Heidelberg University have extended their partnership for another five years to continue operating the Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa) until 2028. CaRLa, founded in 2006, focuses on homogeneous catalysis and organic synthesis, with the aim of developing … Read the full press release

Sustainability Milestones: Siemens’ Fiscal Year 2023 Report

(IN BRIEF) Siemens has released its Sustainability Report for fiscal year 2023, highlighting substantial progress in sustainability efforts. Since 2019, the company has reduced its own CO2 emissions by 50%. Over 90% of Siemens’ business supports sustainability, helping customers avoid … Read the full press release

Navigating 2024: BNP Paribas Identifies Key Investment Trends

(IN BRIEF) BNP Paribas Wealth Management has outlined key investment themes for 2024. These include seeking real returns through inflation-protected income, investing in sectors benefiting from the shift away from globalization, capitalizing on energy transition and electrification, diversifying portfolios beyond … Read the full press release

Urban Safety Upgrade: Volkswagen’s Exit Warning System in Focus

(IN BRIEF) Volkswagen has introduced an advanced Exit Warning System designed to enhance safety in inner-city traffic. This system alerts drivers and passengers to approaching road users when exiting the vehicle, particularly benefiting vulnerable road users like cyclists. The system … Read the full press release

Promoting Diversity: Volkswagen Group Symposium on Cultural Engagement

(IN BRIEF) The Volkswagen Group is hosting a public panel discussion in Berlin titled “Engage: Culture for Everyone.” This symposium focuses on cultural education and participation for a diverse audience, promoting openness, inspiration, and diversity in the cultural sphere. Distinguished … Read the full press release

EIB Commits €110 Million to Transform Finnish Vocational Training Facilities

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a €110 million loan agreement with KOy Helsingin Toimitilat to support Finnish vocational training provider Stadin AO. The funding will be used to construct two modern campus buildings in Myllypuro and … Read the full press release