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Improved Eurojust Regulation Empowers EU Against Terrorism

(IN BRIEF) European Union (EU) judicial authorities are strengthening their efforts to combat terrorism by enhancing information sharing with Eurojust. An amendment to the Eurojust Regulation allows EU Member States to share a broader range of information on ongoing and … Read the full press release

Filestage Wins Henkel’s Xathon with AI-Based Solution for Streamlining Packaging Label Management

(IN BRIEF) Henkel dx Ventures organized its fifth Xathon event, aimed at promoting women in the tech startup industry. The Xathon focused on empowering female entrepreneurs or female-led startups in the field of AI for the consumer business. Six startups … Read the full press release

Spanish SMEs Get Boost with EIB Group and ICO’s Sabadell ABS Investment

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) Group, along with the European Investment Fund (EIF) and Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), has invested in asset-backed securities (ABS) issued by Sabadell Consumer Finance to support the financial needs of small and … Read the full press release

Equinor and RWE Enter 5-Year Natural Gas Supply Agreement to Foster Energy Security and Transition

(IN BRIEF) Equinor and RWE have signed a new supply agreement for natural gas, covering a period of five years starting in October. The agreement entails the supply of 10 to 15 terrawatt hours (TWh) of natural gas annually, strengthening … Read the full press release

Enhancing Danish Air Defense: Thales Ground Master 200 Radar Deal

(IN BRIEF) The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has signed an agreement with the Netherlands Defence procurement agency COMMIT for the acquisition of five Thales Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact radars. These radars will enhance situational … Read the full press release

Arriva Introduces ‘glimble by Arriva’ Digital Mobility Platform in Italy to Promote Sustainable and Integrated Transportation

(IN BRIEF) Arriva is launching its “glimble by Arriva” digital platform in Trieste, Italy, as part of its expansion in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) sector. Developed in partnership with Moovit, glimble allows users to search, plan, book, and … Read the full press release

Ericsson Introduces Groundbreaking Software Toolkit to Elevate 5G Standalone Networks and Deliver Premium Connectivity

(IN BRIEF) Ericsson has launched a software toolkit aimed at enhancing 5G Standalone networks, enabling premium services with differentiated connectivity. This comes in response to increasing demands for network capacity and performance driven by new use cases and higher user … Read the full press release

MAN Truck & Bus Launches Sales of Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks with Up to 1,000 km Range

(IN BRIEF) MAN Truck & Bus has commenced the sale of its first heavy-duty electric truck, marking a significant step in the transition to decarbonize freight transport. The new MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS electric trucks offer daily ranges of … Read the full press release

Henkel Expands 3D Printing Materials Portfolio with Four Breakthrough Products

(IN BRIEF) Henkel is set to introduce four innovative photopolymer resin products for 3D Printing at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt. These materials cater to various industries and applications, offering exceptional performance. The new products include Loctite 3D PRO9274 for detailed … Read the full press release

ABB Names Mathias Gaertner as General Counsel and Company Secretary, Strengthening Legal Leadership

(IN BRIEF) ABB has appointed Mathias Gaertner as General Counsel and Company Secretary, as well as a Member of the Executive Committee. He will officially join ABB in 2024 and will succeed Natalia Shehadeh, who has been serving as General … Read the full press release

CUPRA Honored with 2023 Effectiveness Grand Prize for Innovative Brand Strategy

(IN BRIEF) CUPRA has been awarded the 2023 Effectiveness Grand Prize by the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) for its advertising and communication strategy developed in collaboration with &Rosàs and PHD Media since its launch in 2018. Additionally, CUPRA received … Read the full press release

CASA SEAT’s November Agenda Spotlights Female Talent in Photography, Music, and Literature

(IN BRIEF) CASA SEAT, a cultural space in Barcelona, has announced its cultural agenda for November, with a focus on female talent. The lineup includes talks, performances, and events covering photography, music, literature, and technology. Highlights include a talk by … Read the full press release

Barclays Launches Demo Directory: A Game-Changer for UK Businesses Seeking Investment

(IN BRIEF) Barclays has introduced the Demo Directory, a novel online platform that allows UK businesses to connect with potential investors, regardless of their banking affiliation. This free service aims to simplify and expedite access to capital, offering opportunities for … Read the full press release

Germany’s GDP Records a Slight Dip of 0.1% in 3rd Quarter of 2023, Marking a Weaker Start to H2

  (IN BRIEF) Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP) for the third quarter of 2023 declined by 0.1% when adjusted for price, seasonal, and calendar variations compared to the previous quarter. This decrease follows a slight increase in economic performance in … Read the full press release

RWE and Equinor Forge Long-Term Natural Gas Supply Deal to Bolster Energy Security and Transition

(IN BRIEF) RWE, an energy company based in Germany, has signed a new supply agreement with Equinor, a Norwegian energy company, for natural gas. The agreement spans five years, starting in October, with an annual volume ranging from 10 to … Read the full press release

ABN AMRO Extends CEO Robert Swaak’s Tenure to 2028 in Show of Confidence

(IN BRIEF) ABN AMRO has extended the term of its CEO, Robert Swaak, by four years, until the 2028 General Meeting of Shareholders. Swaak, who has been CEO since April 2020, has accepted the request for the extension. The decision … Read the full press release

Siemens Enhances Industrial Edge Ecosystem with Cloud Services, New Hardware, and Low-Code Programming

(IN BRIEF) Siemens is expanding its Industrial Edge offerings, which enable edge computing in industrial production. The company has introduced several new features, including the cloud-based Industrial Edge Management system (IEM Cloud), additional hardware devices, and low-code programming with Mendix … Read the full press release

Siemens Leads the Way in European Unitary Patent Applications, Focusing on Digital Technologies

(IN BRIEF) Siemens has taken the lead in applying for unitary patents in Europe, with over 12,000 applications submitted since the European Unitary Patent system started in June 2023. This new patent system, coupled with the Unified Patent Court, simplifies … Read the full press release

HSBC Reports Strong 3Q 2023 Earnings, Plans Share Buy-Backs and Dividends

(IN BRIEF) HSBC Holdings plc reported strong financial performance in the third quarter of 2023, with profit before tax rising to $7.7 billion. This increase was driven by a higher interest rate environment and a positive impact related to the … Read the full press release

AI Technology Revolutionizes Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Cutting Consumption and Emissions

(IN BRIEF) AI technology has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings, which account for a substantial portion of energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions in the EU. By using sensors to collect data on temperature, humidity, and … Read the full press release

“The Place” Education and Community Center Opens in Westfield for Taster Sessions

(IN BRIEF) A new education and community space called “The Place” has opened in Westfield, offering residents access to a range of opportunities. The initiative was approved by the City of York Council, which leased Sanderson House to the University … Read the full press release

Škoda Introduces Digital Certificate for Enhanced Transparency in Used Car Sales

(IN BRIEF) Škoda has introduced the Digital Certificate, a digital document that provides verified details about a vehicle’s condition and service history within its warranty period. This certificate compiles data from various sources, including the vehicle’s electronic service book, and … Read the full press release

Groundbreaking Treatment Tezepelumab Offers Hope to Severe Asthma Patients

(IN BRIEF) Researchers at the University of Leicester have developed a groundbreaking treatment for severe asthma using the monoclonal antibody tezepelumab. This monthly injection targets thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), a substance associated with inflammation in the airways of severe asthma … Read the full press release

Paws for Thought: Cat Hair DNA Could Aid Criminal Investigations

(IN BRIEF) Researchers at the University of Leicester have discovered that cat hair could serve as valuable evidence in criminal investigations. While human perpetrators may take precautions to avoid leaving their DNA behind, cat hair contains its own DNA that … Read the full press release

Škoda Auto Teases Fourth-Generation Superb with Exciting Interior and Exterior Features

(IN BRIEF) Škoda Auto has released a teaser clip for the fourth-generation Superb, offering glimpses of its exterior and interior features. The upcoming Superb will feature redesigned LED Matrix beam headlights, LED rear lights with crystalline elements, and elements of … Read the full press release

Volkswagen Unveils First Glimpse of ID.7 Tourer: All-Electric Estate Combining Space and Efficiency

(IN BRIEF) Volkswagen has revealed a first look at its upcoming all-electric estate model, the ID.7 Tourer. This estate version of the ID.7, set to launch in Europe in 2024, combines spaciousness with high efficiency. The car boasts a low … Read the full press release

Glencore Reports 2023 Q3 Production: Adjusts Nickel and Ferrochrome Forecasts Amidst Challenges

(IN BRIEF) Glencore, a global mining and commodities company, released its Third Quarter 2023 Production Report. The report highlights the company’s performance over the first nine months of the year, emphasizing that copper, coal, and zinc assets met expectations and … Read the full press release

AXA’s Future Risks Report 2023 Warns of a World in Simultaneous Crisis Mode

(IN BRIEF) AXA has released its tenth edition of the Future Risks Report, which analyzes evolving and rising risks based on perceptions of experts and the general population. The report identifies the concept of “polycrisis,” where geopolitical tensions, emerging technologies … Read the full press release

EU Faces Challenges in Meeting Plastic Packaging Recycling Targets, Says European Court of Auditors

(IN BRIEF) The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has cautioned that the EU may struggle to meet its plastic packaging recycling targets for 2025 and 2030 outlined in the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. Packaging accounts for a significant … Read the full press release